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About Us

Broma was founded in 2018 by school friends Charlie and Oli (aka The Broma Boys). Brought together by a passion for eating well, we make delicious products that also make you feel great!

Our first weekend of trading at Southbank. The hot chocolates went down a storm.

We started Broma Foods in 2018 with the vision of taking our healthy chocolate sauce recipe to the masses. It’s based on a healthy hot chocolate recipe we’ve been making at home for years, and after a ‘eureka moment’ back in late 2018, we decided to set up a market stall on London’s Southbank food market, to see what the public thought of it.

After receiving amazing feedback from the public we made the decision to go full time with Broma - trading in our lives on the high seas in exchange for the health stores (we both worked in off-shore jobs previously – Charlie as a high end chef and Oli as a geologist.) Finally, Charlie could set up that chocolate factory he always dreamed of!

Now we’re on a mission to show people that when it comes to eating - natural is best. We want to share our belief that eating healthily and being mindful of your diet can still taste delicious. What better way to start than our delicious, yet healthy chocolate sauce!



Charlie Broma Boys



What I wanted to be: Helicopter Pilot
What I became: Chef
What I am now: Chief Chocolatier
Spirit animal: Serval
Hobbies: Climbing, tennis, delving into a good book
Guilty pleasure: Binge watching Louis Theroux
Favourite way to enjoy the blend: Straight up in cold milk after the gym

Oli Broma Boys



What I wanted to be: Aladdin
What I became: Geologist
What I am now: Flavour Explorer
Spirit animal: Gibbon
Hobbies: Skiing, exploring new places, devouring good food
Guilty pleasure: Singing (badly) in the shower
Favourite way to enjoy the blend: Drizzled onto hot porridge with a good dollop of peanut butter

How Did It All Begin?

We’ve been friends ever since we were twelve years old and studying at school together! In 2018, we came back together and decided that we both wanted to trade our careers on the high seas for something that was as much a hobby as it was a job. We realised that we had a passion for creating and sharing healthy, nutritious and delicious food!

We thought about starting a healthy ready meal business, but we soon moved on to something else. That something else just so happened to be delicious and organic chocolate - something that we were both incredibly passionate about! It all began when Oli began searching for inspiration, whipping up his own healthy and natural chocolate sauce back home at his mum’s place. The smell was gorgeous, both homely and inviting. When Oli tasted it, he knew he had to call Charlie straight away.

Charlie had worked as a high-end chef and had taste buds that could identify food of a different class. When he tasted Oli’s beautiful new chocolate sauce, he knew they were on to something special. That was when Broma Foods was born.

We trialled our chocolate sauce while running a market stall on the Southbank in London, and before long we knew we were on to something special. We built a reputation for supplying freezing but friendly passers-by with our delicious hot chocolates - made from our unique Broma chocolate sauce. We kept testing and adjusting our recipe based on the feedback of our amazing first customers. After some time, we felt we’d reached as near perfection as we could - and our customers seemed to agree!

We decided that we needed to take the next step. That’s when we began packaging our delicious (and vegan!) chocolate sauce so that we could further share it with people who would enjoy it. We wanted to spread our unique Broma Chocolate so that people could start enjoying it from the comfort of their own homes, and begin to get creative and use the sauce in their own recipes!

Our Beliefs

We always wanted to share our belief that eating nutritious, healthy and organic food doesn’t mean that your food can’t taste great too! We both enjoy active lifestyles and believe that a conscientious and healthy diet is a huge part of getting the most out of your body and mind. Most people think that there’s very little place for chocolate in this kind of diet, but we’re here to prove that wrong!

Our passion is in keeping things as natural as possible. We always wanted to share our belief that eating nutritious, healthy and organic food doesn’t mean that your food can’t taste great too! We both enjoy active lifestyles and believe that a conscientious and healthy diet is a huge part of getting the most out of your body and mind. Most people think that there’s very little place for chocolate in this kind of diet, but we’re here to prove that wrong!

Our passion is in keeping things as natural as possible. At Broma, we believe that the more natural our ingredients are, the more pure they are. And the purer our ingredients, the more nutritional value they keep from the earth to your plate! All the earthy goodness of cacao often gets lost through the production and supply processes, so we always knew we were committed to natural and organic sourcing and processing.

When you eat better you feel better, we don’t think that there’s much disputing that. That’s what we’re all about here at Broma - we want to allow people to eat Broma chocolate sauce and enjoy its great, luxurious taste without ever having to worry about their body or health.

We’ve all been there - avoiding little indulgences for the sake of our diet. We don’t think there’s much worse than having to turn down chocolate! Nobody wants guilt for indulging their cravings. And the truth is that a lot of chocolate is unarguably unhealthy - high sugar and high calorie, packed with sweeteners, preservatives and additives of all varieties.

That’s what drove us towards making our Broma chocolate a completely guilt-free indulgence! It’s made with raw cacao, sweetened with natural yacon and date syrup, it’s 100% natural, low in calories and it contains zero refined sugars. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! That’s what we’re here to share with our customers. We don’t think anyone should miss out on great-tasting chocolate and with Broma, anybody can enjoy our vegan-friendly, organic, healthy and natural chocolate sauce. Interested? Try it out and let us know what you think!

‘We knew that we could make a product that not only tasted great, but also made you feel good. Our chocolate sauce is made from all natural organic ingredients, plus it’s naturally low in calories and sugar. It’s teeming with nutritional benefits and doesn’t give you the usual crash you experience after eating highly-processed sugar-filled chocolate sauces.

‘It’s also 100% vegan!’ - Charlie

The Philosophy And Values Behind Broma Chocolate Sauce

There are four things that we have always strived to achieve with our chocolate. No matter what we did, we knew that we needed our chocolate sauce to be:

  • Natural

  • Ethical

  • Healthy

  • Delicious

If we could crack the code and achieve these four properties all together for our chocolate sauce, we knew we’d have done something special. After a lot of time, trials, tests, tasting and hard work, we finally unlocked it and made the sauce we’d dreamed of.

We keep our chocolate as natural as possible. Why? Because we think that’s where all the best taste and nutrition comes from. The truth is that mother nature and the earth itself do all the hard work - we’re just here to reap the benefits! There’s a place where healthiness and flavour meet together and everything clicks - we think that this is achieved by keeping this as natural as possible.

It was always important to the boys here at Broma that we ensure that everything we source is done so ethically when it comes to both the environment and the people involved. A problem with modern eating is that you don’t always know where your food has come from. And these days, people are becoming more and more conscious of their eating - that’s why we knew it was important to both us and our customers that our chocolate was entirely ethically sourced.

The Broma boys both enjoy active lifestyles, and we know that a lot of people do these days. This was one of the reasons we wanted to create guilt-free chocolate that could easily fit into a healthy diet and lifestyle. By keeping things natural, we were able to retain all the best flavours of our organic ingredients. With that comes all the nutrients and minerals that are good for both body and soul. We sweeten with yacon and date syrup, which means that we don’t need to use artificial preservatives and refined sugars!

Last but certainly not least, we knew that our chocolate needed to be as delicious as possible! It’s great having a healthy, ethical and natural chocolate sauce, but if it doesn’t taste good then who’s going to want to eat it? We’re here to disprove the myth that you can only have chocolate that is one or the other - healthy or tasty. By using natural sweeteners and organic ingredients processed to retain as much earthy natural goodness as possible, we’ve proven that you can make great tasting (vegan!) chocolate sauce, all without additives and preservatives!

‘We wanted to make it as delicious, natural and versatile as possible. Finding the right cacao was really important to us, and there’s a lot of variety out there. First and foremost, it had to pass the taste test, and that’s where Charlie’s Michelin star rated palate came into its own. It was also important to us that it was sustainably and ethically sourced. We found a fantastic supplier that farm in alliance with the World Land Trust and ticked all the boxes’

‘The uses are endless. You can use it to make healthy hot chocolates, add it to smoothies or desserts, use it in baking or simply enjoy it on top of ice cream, porridge and fruit. You’re only limited by your imagination.’ - Oli

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