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Broma Sweet Potato Brownie (vegan and gluten free)

Whilst cooling, drizzle your Broma on top so that each portion gets an even amount. Sprinkle with flaked sea sal...

Delicious Halloween Chocolate Recipes You Can Make with Our Vegan Chocolate Sauce

We may not be allowed to go outside in our favourite spooky outfits this Halloween, which of course, isn’t great new...

Cosy Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Now the nights are getting longer and the temperature is dropping, is there anything better than cosying up with a w...

Pumpkin and hazelnut spiced scones

Are you looking for something a little different this Halloween? Well look no further! Charlie has created a sco...

The Chocado

Broma choc sauce + avocado = The Chocado Smooth, creamy, fruity, healthy, decadent, Vegan…the list goes on. The per...

Rocky Road Broma Bites

Here it is- Broma’s own Rocky Road recipe! It’s a healthier, lower sugar version and it tastes abs...

Banana bread with luscious pockets of Broma chocolate

This is an absolute corker of a banana bread. Satisfying, delicious, homely, and as baking goe...

Delicious Flavours

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