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The Broma Boys Signature Hot Chocolate

We started out in December 2018 by running a market stall on the Southbank in London using our chocolate sauce to make hot chocolates. We wanted to see what people thought of it- luckily for us you quite liked it! This prompted us to package the sauce so you guys could start making it in the comfort of your own home. 



1 heaped tbsp Broma chocolate sauce (20ml-30ml)

1 cup milk of your choice 


  1. Place the milk and Broma chocolate sauce into a small saucepan and on a medium heat bring to a very gentle simmer whilst stirring continuously. 
  2. The longer you cook, the richer it becomes. 
  3. For a great non-dairy option we like to use an oat or almond milk.
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Three delicious flavours

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