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Broma Recipes That Are Ideal For Your Next Camping Trip

Thinking of ditching the terminals, baggage claim areas, and busy queues, and opt for a holiday slightly closer to home instead? Well now is the time to do that! Thanks to the pandemic, foreign travel is very tricky at the moment, meaning that if you fancy something a little different, involving camping, for instance, this summer is the time to do it. 

We love the British great outdoors here at Broma, just as much as we love our delicious organic chocolate sauce, and we happen to think that it’s perfect for a whole host of camping recipes. So in this blog, we’re going to be listing four ways that you can use our delicious products the next time you head out on a camping trip with loved ones, or with friends. The only thing we’d advise is that you pack some just for yourself because once your campmates get the taste for our chocolate sauce, it won’t last long!

So, grab your hiking boots, walking stick, and sense of adventure (and a couple of our delicious sauce flavours) and go enjoy the great outdoors. All you need to do is check the forecast beforehand!

Classic Campside Recipes That Include Our Chocolate Sauce

A classic Broma hot chocolate

Whether you’ve had a busy day hiking one of our stunning mountain ranges, or you’ve just been watching the world pass by at a nearby camping resort, hot chocolate by the campfire is a right of passage for any camper.

As the sun sets, pour 200ml of your favourite type of milk into a saucepan over low heat then stir in around 20-30ml of Broma chocolate sauce for the ultimate hot chocolate. Give it a gentle, constant stir until everything is combined, then either pour into your favourite camping mug or add in some extras such as cloves, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla extract. We think that our chocolate orange sauce goes perfectly with this and gives the hot chocolate a nice citrus flavour.

Broma iced drink

If hot chocolate is not your thing, or you don’t fancy a hot drink, then why not try out an iced drink? Not only will this cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth but it’s also even easier to make than the hot chocolate because you don’t need a mini camping stove to heat the milk. Simply mix together the ingredients and some ice to keep things chilled and enjoy! Because there’s no heating element we encourage you to really give it a good stir and add your chosen Broma sauce - such as the salted caramel flavour - a little bit at a time to avoid clumps of it sinking to the bottom. These Broma iced chocolate drinks are perfect for those sunny days by the lake, or at the beach.

Broma with marshmallows or s’mores

What’s camping without roasting marshmallows over the open campfire? Sitting under the stars with the sound of chirping birds in the distance, as you dig into s’mores - it doesn’t get better than that!

Grab a couple of digestive biscuits, smear some delicious original Broma sauce over one side of each then place a few of the roasted marshmallows on top of that. Top it off with the other digestive biscuit and you’ve got yourself a Broma s’more! They’ll taste delicious and they require no fuss!

If you fancy something a bit healthier while you camp, why not try a fruit skewer? Grab a wooden skewer and layer it up with marshmallows, and your favourite fruit and toast over your campfire. Then, drizzle over some Broma sauce. This is a seriously tasty combination and it’s not to be missed, especially when you’re out in mother nature.


When you open your eyes and find yourself in the great outdoors, there’s a good chance you’ll have worked up an appetite from the previous day’s activities. If so, why not make some delicious porridge? It will fill you for the day ahead and requires minimal cooking. Heat up some oats and milk on your portable stove, over medium heat, for around 10 minutes until the oats have absorbed the milk and the consistency is thick. Let it cool for a few minutes, then stir in a tablespoon of Broma sauce for a comforting bowl of chocolatey goodness.

Off On A Camping Trip? Don’t Forget To Pack Some Broma

We hope you enjoy your next camping trip and hope you bring some of our delicious vegan chocolate sauce with you. 

Head over to our shop page to purchase your very own organic chocolate sauce. Before you know it, you’ll be camping with loved ones while enjoying our indulgent sauces.

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