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All The Delicious Things You Can Do With Our Vegan Chocolate Orange Sauce

Chocolate and orange are one of the nation’s most beloved flavour combinations and we can totally understand why - it just works. So, when creating our Broma products, we just had to include the chocolate orange flavour combination! Our vegan chocolate orange sauce now gives you an organic, plant-based chocolate option so that you can enjoy the flavour we all know and love. It’s made with organic yacon, dates, and single-origin cacao - so no refined sugars! It’s naturally low in calories, with only 36 calories per tablespoon!

Better still, when you buy one of our delicious products, you’ll also be contributing to a bigger cause. Because we’re members of 1% For The Planet, 1% of the cost of any product you buy will be donated directly to The Marine Conservation Society. So, not only do you have the opportunity to indulge in our delicious products, but you can help us to take steps in the right direction for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife.

In this blog, we’ve shared our favourite recipes that incorporate our chocolate orange sauce for a delicious treat. All of our sauces are incredibly versatile, so we’ve picked out a few of our favourite ways to use this one. Have a go and let us know what you think!

How you can use our orange chocolate sauce

As your new favourite drink

The long-loved hot chocolate! It’s the most popular way to use our chocolate orange sauce for a reason. Our orange hot chocolate is super simple to make - it’s perfect for getting your fix even if you’re low on ingredients. All you have to do is heat 200ml of milk (any kind will do, and plant-based alternatives work really well – oat and almond barista are our favourites) in a pan on a medium to low heat. Keep stirring the milk until hot, and then stir in 20-30ml of our sauce. You can also heat your drinking chocolate in the microwave for a quick and easy alternative. Then, simply serve in a glass and enjoy!

As a topping

Our sauce also makes the perfect topping, adding a chocolatey kick to whatever you’re drizzling it on. We love it drizzled over a stack of pancakes, as an alternative to syrup, as a topping for ice cream - just add your favourite fruits for a taste sensation that you won’t be able to get enough of. If porridge is your go-to breakfast, try it as a topping for an added punch of flavour that we know you’re going to love.  There’s no limit to what you can use it as a topping for – get imaginative and get drizzling!

As a dipping sauce

It also makes the perfect dip for a variety of treats. If you’re looking for a simple snack that still packs flavour, then dip your favourite fruits into our sauce for a tangy addition to your flavour combination. If you’re looking to incorporate it into a dessert, our personal favourites are churros and doughnuts. Vegan churros are super easy to make and only require a few ingredients. There are some great recipes out there, but you’ll usually only need oil, sugar, water, flour and some cinnamon if you wish. Once you’ve made your churros, there’s no need to make your own sauce when you can use ours! Simply enjoy your hot churros dipped into our chocolate orange sauce - we are obsessed with this combo! Our other favourite desserts also include doughnuts, which are also perfect for dipping.

As a baking ingredient

You can also add our delicious sauce into your favourite bakes for that iconic tangy taste we all love. Many brownie recipes involve stirring in a chocolate sauce and vanilla extract to add flavour. Substitute this by adding in our orange option for a flavour you’ll fall in love with. You can also use it when making cheesecakes and chocolate puddings for a hint of orange in your recipe.

Find your favourite way

And now it’s over to you! Have a go at recreating some of the ideas in this blog and see what you think. Let us know your thoughts and how you like to use Broma’s chocolate orange sauce - we’re always keen to hear new ideas!

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