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Why 2021 Will Be the Year Of The Hot Chocolate

Yes, saying that ‘2021 will be the year of the hot chocolate’ is a bold statement to make, right? Hot chocolate has ...

Vegan Christmas Dessert Ideas For The Festive Period

Ho, ho, ho! Can you hear Santa jingling across the sky on his sleigh? While it’s not time for the big man to grace u...

3 Essential Questions About Our Cacao Drinking Chocolate, Answered!

Here at Broma Foods, we're passionate about bringing our delicious plant-based chocolate sauce to our wonderful cust...

Why Our Organic Drinking Chocolate Is So Good For You!

In today's blog, we thought we'd explain, in a little more detail, just how great plant-based chocolate, in whatever...

Use Our Organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce For These Bonfire Night Food Ideas

The chill in the air, the numb fingers and toes, and the abundance of gooey, sticky, sickly-sweet goodies. Brrr- it ...

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