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Your Guide To Our Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

Having lactose intolerance and suffering from a dairy allergy can be incredibly common. Yet despite how common these conditions are, people still struggle to find dairy free products that don’t compromise on taste. After all, most chocolate isn’t vegan, so getting your chocolate fix can prove quite difficult.

Thankfully, our hot chocolate isn’t just dairy free, but it’s also free of all 14 allergens! With no refined sugars and full of organic, plant-based ingredients, our organic drinking chocolate is great for any dietary requirements and makes the perfect dairy free option. Here’s your guide to our dairy free hot chocolate...

What is lactose intolerance and dairy allergy?

Anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance cannot properly digest lactose - a type of sugar found in dairy products, including milk. That’s because they do not produce enough lactase, and so the lactose stays in the digestive system. The intolerance can present itself in varying degrees - some people may still be able to have dairy products in small quantities, whilst others have to avoid dairy products completely.

As for a dairy allergy, this is a reaction to the proteins - casein and whey - that are found in milk. For those that have this allergy, their body sees these proteins as a harmful substance, which then triggers an abnormal response.

Whether you have lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy, avoiding dairy products and opting for dairy free alternatives is the only way to avoid nasty side effects or harmful reactions. You may find it difficult to find alternatives that taste just as good as dairy products, but when it comes to a healthy hot chocolate we’ve got you covered!

So, what’s in our dairy free, organic drinking chocolate?

Our organic drinking chocolate is made from simple ingredients that taste simply delicious. There’s no refined sweeteners or sugars in our products and consumers get to reap the benefits of the star ingredients that feature in our tasty recipe. Some of our key ingredients include:

Yacon: This is a type of flower, also known as Peruvian ground apple. It originates from South America, meaning it’s rare that you‘ll find it here in UK supermarkets. When you extract yacon, the syrup becomes a natural prebiotic sweetener, which is why it’s an essential ingredient in our hot chocolate products. Not only does yacon taste great in our Broma sauce, but it’s packed with goodness so our customers can feel nutritional benefits from this ingredient. This includes weight loss, improved heart health, better digestion and immunity, and better management of blood sugar levels.

Organic raw cacao: This is our main star ingredient - single-origin, Peruvian organic raw cacao. Our bean of choice here at Broma is the Criollo bean, which is known for its delicate flavour and rich notes. This cacao is processed at low temperatures so that we can preserve its nutritional value. This includes fighting fatigue, boosting your mood and increasing your blood flow. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to reduce blood pressure and promote brain health!

How to use our delicious dairy free, vegan chocolate sauce

When it comes to putting our healthy chocolate sauce to good use, the possibilities are endless. It’s ideal for dipping, topping, baking and, of course, making a classic dairy free hot chocolate. Making a hot chocolate with our sauce couldn’t be easier - simply heat 200ml of your milk of choice (we think oat milk, almond milk and even vanilla almond milk work very well), using a microwave or a saucepan over a low medium heat. Once it’s heated, stir in 20-30ml of our Broma sauce. Stir until heated through and remember, the more you stir, the richer the flavour becomes.

You may also want to add a splash of vanilla extract or a sprinkle of cinnamon powder for a spicy version of our hot chocolate recipe. Then, serve in your favourite glass or mug and enjoy!

Other popular recipes that feature our sauce include chocolate, cherry and macadamia cookies, Broma poached pears and sweet potato brownies!

Want Your Fix Of Dairy Free Hot Chocolate? Get Your Broma Sauce Today!

Craving a dairy free hot chocolate that doesn’t compromise on taste? Order one of our Broma pouches today in our original, chocolate orange and salted caramel flavours! For inspiration on how to use your Broma sauce, check out our recipes and head over to our Instagram page.

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