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Why Our Organic Drinking Chocolate Is So Good For You!

In today's blog, we thought we'd explain, in a little more detail, just how great plant-based chocolate, in whatever form, is when you get rid of all that refined sugar and other nasty stuff.

What Is Plant-Based Chocolate Sauce?

Unlike most chocolate, we’ve chosen to use organic single-origin raw cacao. We have naturally sweetened this using organic date syrup and organic yacon syrup. This means that along with all of that lovely plant-based sweetness, you get a plethora of nutrients from cacao, dates and yacon; iron, magnesium, potassium and fibre to name a few. Our drinking chocolate is 100% plant-based, natural and free from refined sugars, making it a healthier way to enjoy chocolate. Don’t worry – we haven’t compromised on flavour. This is our number one priority, and our 2 Star Great Taste Award can attest to this. 

If you're in the market for an all-natural product that uses quality ingredients to create a tasty vegan chocolate sauce, then be sure to purchase a pouch or two of our Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate sauce from the team here at Broma Foods.

Cacao Health Benefits

  • Improved energy levels - Cacao has a high flavanol content which has been shown to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue in people. In addition to flavanol, cacao is rich in magnesium which is one of the quickest and easiest ways to put a spring in your step.
  • Better gut health - No matter what form it takes, from raw cacao powder to our vegan chocolate sauce, cacao is packed with fibre which helps your body absorb more nutrients and improve your overall digestive function.
  • Keeps your heart healthy - Cacao is packed with monounsaturated fats which your body loves because it helps keep your heart healthy and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Benefits Of Our Organic Chocolate Sauce

Can Be Used In Loads Of Different Things

Looking to make a delicious homemade plant-based chocolate dessert? Our vegan chocolate sauce is the ideal thing to use in a chocolate mixture or if you're making chocolate treats for loved ones. If you fancy making a hot chocolate to warm yourself up, simply use our organic cacao drinking chocolate sauce - it is sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

No Need To Leave The House!

We'll bring you our delicious homemade organic cacao drinking chocolate sauce right to your door! Simply fill up your basket, let us know where you live and we'll send it to you!

Full Of Natural Ingredients

We were fed up of seeing milk chocolate and dark chocolate products that were just packed with stuff that made everything taste overly sweet and that wasn't good for the consumer. Our vegan cacao chocolate sauce has 50% less sugar than your conventional drinking chocolate, is just 36kcal per tablespoon and packed with essential nutrients and goodness that your body will thank you for.

After Some Organic Chocolate Sauce Recipes?

So, you've seen the benefits of cacao and our vegan chocolate sauce, why not try it yourself? We think you'll love it. If you do happen to make any delicious treats with our sauce then be sure to tag us in your pictures. We have loads of delicious recipes over on our blog page so you won't be short of inspiration.

Where To Buy Plant-Based Chocolate Sauce

You can buy organic cacao drinking chocolate sauce right here at Broma Foods! Since 2018, when we started selling hot chocolate on a market stall in the depths of winter, we've been constantly refining our health food recipe to ensure it is natural, organic and low in calories without compromising on that chocolate flavour we all know and love. We use simple ingredients, high-quality content, the very best cacao beans and it appears chocolate lovers all over the UK seem to enjoy it.

We're also now proud members of the 1% For The Planet initiative meaning 1% of every purchase you make with us will go straight to the amazing people at The Marine Conservation Society, a leading UK marine charity doing some fantastic work. Be sure to purchase your first pouch of our chocolate sauce today!

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