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Why 2021 Will Be the Year Of The Hot Chocolate

Yes, saying that ‘2021 will be the year of the hot chocolate’ is a bold statement to make, right? Hot chocolate has been around for quite some time – as early as the Mayan and Aztec eras, it would seem. Over time, the details of how hot chocolate is made have changed slightly, but the fundamentals have remained pretty much the same.

So, why do The Broma Boys think next year will be the defining year for this delicious chocolatey treat? Let’s find out…

HCR (Hot Chocolate Recipes) for WFH (Working From Home)

The abbreviation ‘WFH’ has become more widely used and recognised throughout 2020 as more people are having to work from home. This looks set to continue for at least the early part of 2021 – meaning yet more trips to your kettle and your favourite mug. We can’t all just drink tea and coffee all day now, can we?

Healthier Choices Like Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Our plant-based drinking chocolate is revolutionising the hot chocolate market because it is organic, ethical, healthy and delicious. So, now you can enjoy a smooth, velvety and organic cacao chocolate sauce-based drink without worrying about what ingredients are in there! Healthier choices – like our new salted caramel flavour – will mean more enjoyment for hot chocolate recipes in 2021!

Fitness Fanatics in 2021

This year has seen a huge rise in sales of home gym and sporting equipment, due to the fact many of us haven’t been able to get to a gym. We predict this trend will continue on into 2021 as we all try to stay fit and active at home. A delicious yet healthier hot chocolate recipe – like the Poached Pear with Broma Chocolate Sauce – will help you achieve this and satisfy your sweet tooth, all at the same time!

The Future is Chocolate, The Future is Broma

Take a look at some of our best hot chocolate recipes ready for 2021, made with our very own plant-based drinking chocolate. Our organic cacao chocolate sauce has been awarded 2 stars by the Great Tastes Awards and contains none of the big 14 allergens found in many other similar products. This allows you to enjoy a hot chocolate recipe without thinking of the calories, weight gain or anything else that may put you off a cup of chocolatey goodness. Got your favourite mug? Good! Now bring on 2021!

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