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Vegan Christmas Dessert Ideas For The Festive Period

Ho, ho, ho! Can you hear Santa jingling across the sky on his sleigh? While it’s not time for the big man to grace us with his presence just yet, our heads (and bellies) are already daydreaming about all the vegan Christmas desserts we are going to devour. After all, that’s one of the highlights of the holidays, isn’t it?! Just in case you need help getting in the mood, here’s a guide to our favourite vegan Christmas dessert ideas. You better believe every dessert can be jazzed up by using our organic cacao chocolate sauce, too!  

Spoiler alert: not all desserts have to be bad for you. Enjoy!

Vegan Christmas Dessert Ideas

Just because it’s Christmas, it doesn’t mean you have to sprinkle sugar on everything you eat. Though we’re not opposed to a little sweetening, there are more natural ingredients you can use which taste just as good. Why not give the following three recipes a go this Christmas? The following ideas would work great with our salted caramel, original chocolate, and orange chocolate organic chocolate sauces!

Our Organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce Is A Snazzy Addition To Any Dessert

A drizzle here, a dusting there… our award-winning Broma drinking chocolate adds depth and flavour to non-vegan and vegan Christmas desserts alike.

Finish It Off With An Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Too stuffed for dessert? A steaming hot cup of cocoa (or our cacao) is a good compromise for skipping the sweet treats. Mix it up with your choice of soya, oat, coconut, almond, or alternative plant milk and ta-da! Vegan dessert with zero to minimal effort.

Shop Broma - Our Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate In 3 Flavours

Vegan, organic, low-calorie, free of refined sugar, and naturally-derived- there’s a lot to like about our Broma drinking chocolate. Order our original, orange or our NEW salted caramel flavour (or a box of all 3!) or contact us, Charlie & Oli, for more info about our deliciously pure products.

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