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Use Our Organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce For These Bonfire Night Food Ideas

The chill in the air, the numb fingers and toes, and the abundance of gooey, sticky, sickly-sweet goodies. Brrr- it must be bonfire season! While we can’t promise a belated firework display, we do have some bonfire night food ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel warm and satisfied inside. The best part? All of the treats featured are made with our organic cacao chocolate sauce, which is deliciously versatile and organically sweet - whether you devour it on November 5th or any other day of the year. Enjoy!

Ways To Use Our Organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce

Pimped-up Pumpkin

Ever added chocolate to your pumpkin-spiced goodies? We can’t judge you if you haven’t; Autumnal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are commonly sprinkled atop pumpkin spiced lattes, cookies, pies and more. But! Do trust us when we say it’s worth trying, especially if the traditional spices are a little too much for your palette. Our organic cacao drinking chocolate mix can be a part of the perfect potion for:

  1. Raw pumpkin pie with a glossy chocolate sauce topping.
  2. Pumpkin Spiced Latte with an extra shot (chocolate shot, of course).
  3. Pumpkin cookies drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Traditional Treats With A Twist

Bonfire season is packed with tasty treats, though most of them are enjoyed throughout October in celebration of Halloween, too. Our plant-based luxury drinking chocolate in original, orange or salted caramel flavours can be used as toppings for traditional treats, or to jazz up food for bonfire night. Here’s how:

  1. Add a warm chocolate drizzle to cinder toffee.
  2. Use a warm chocolate dribble to encase toffee apples.
  3. Stuff S’mores with hardened chocolate drizzle.

Make Your Own Takeaway Hot Chocolate!

Sometimes, simplicity is best! Add our 36kcal (per tablespoon) organic cacao drinking chocolate to your plant-based milk of choice for a healthier, but still luxurious hot chocolate. If you fancy something a little naughtier, add vegan whip and marshmallows. Pour, mix, sprinkle, and shake- and ta-da! All you need now is a reusable coffee cup, and you’re ready to take it away.

Our Plant-based Luxury Drinking Chocolate Is Super Versatile

Looking for more ways to use your organic vegan chocolate sauce? Browse these vegan bonfire recipes, there are some fantastic ideas to see you through November right through to Veganuary and beyond.

Shop Our Chocolate Sauce In 3 Flavours

Our Broma drinking chocolate is organic, vegan, free of refined sugar, low-calorie, and is made from naturally-derived cacao called Yacon. Order our original, orange, or salted caramel blend (or a box of all 3!) or contact us, Charlie & Oli, for more info about our deliciously pure products.

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