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Going Camping? Here’s Why Broma Is The Perfect Companion!

Now that summer has finally arrived it’s the perfect time to pack up the car and head to one of many picturesque parts of the UK to camp. With overseas travel a bit tricky due to the pandemic, now is the perfect time to enjoy the sights and sounds that are slightly closer to home. And, as it happens, our Broma organic cacao drinking chocolate is the perfect camping companion. In today’s blog, we’re going to be explaining exactly why our healthy, vegan sauce is ideal when you’re carrying all your provisions in a rucksack, or in the boot of a car.

If you already know the benefits of having Broma as a camping buddy, and simply want to purchase some, then head over to our shop page and select your favourite flavours. Did you know that we do a handy multipack option? So if you’re struggling to decide which flavours you want the next time you head out into the great outdoors, this multipack is the perfect option.

Four Reasons Why Our Chocolate Sauce, And Camping, Go Hand In Hand

Allergen-free and vegan 

One of the main reasons why our product is so good when camping is that everyone can enjoy it! Most likely, you’ll be heading off to the beach or into the forest with a group of friends or loved ones, all of whom may have different dietary requirements. The great thing about our products is that we’ve made it so that it’s vegan and contains none of the 14 major allergens, this means that no matter what the dietary requirements and preferences of those who are with you are, they can enjoy the luxurious, chocolatey indulgence of Broma, safe in the knowledge that it suits them.

Easy to transport

When you first get your hands on our product you’ll soon see that it’s compact, well designed, and perfect to slip into a rucksack or coolbox without taking up too much room. The fact that it travels so well makes taking it a no-brainer. When the time is right, and you’re roasting marshmallows, or fancy a sweet treat after a long hike, simply whip out your chosen sauce, such as the delicious salted caramel flavour, and tuck in!

Extremely versatile

All you need to do to see just how versatile our sauce is is to head over to our recipe page and see all the wonderful creations we’ve made using our product. From Broma Martini’s that will really hit the spot if you fancy a spot of glamping, to delicious Chocolate, Cherry & Macadamia Cookies that are perfect as a trail snack. 

Since we started selling our famous hot chocolates way back in 2018 we have been working hard to refine the product to make it as versatile as possible. The flavour possibilities are endless when you’ve got Broma chocolate sauce in your rucksack!

Easy to use

Another fantastic reason why our products are so good when admiring mother nature is the fact it’s so easy to use. For instance, if you’re taking a portable stove, you can simply squeeze in some Broma, maybe the chocolate orange flavour, heat it up, and drizzle it over your favourite pudding. Or, if you’re travelling super light then all you need to do to enjoy the sweet flavour is mix it with some milk in a travel mug and enjoy a refreshing drink while putting in the steps. Basically, no matter how much equipment you have on you, you can enjoy our organic chocolate sauce in some way or another.

All Packed And Ready To Go?

So if after reading this you’re inspired to get in the car and find yourself a spot to sleep under the stars, be sure to take some of our organic chocolate sauce with you! No matter what flavour you choose, we’re sure you’re going to have a good time getting some fresh air while enjoying the delicious sweet treat of Broma.

To purchase yours, simply head over to our shop page to check out all the delicious flavours we have on offer. All that’s left to say is happy camping!

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