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3 Essential Questions About Our Cacao Drinking Chocolate, Answered!

Here at Broma Foods, we're passionate about bringing our delicious plant-based chocolate sauce to our wonderful customers. We firmly believe that chocolate sauce can be packed with flavour without the need for refined sugar or added nasties (we technically add sweetness with dates and yacon).

And we understand that with great chocolaty power, comes great chocolatey responsibility! So in this blog, we’re going to be answering three key questions that we get asked a lot about our products.

How Do You Make Your Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate?

Our process of making homemade cacao chocolate sauce begins with sourcing the finest quality ingredients. When we started this fantastic journey, we searched high and low for the highest quality ingredients we could get our hands-on, with plenty of taste testing along the way! All of our ingredients have been minimally processed to retain as much natural goodness and flavour as possible. 

After a great deal of searching, we chose to use Peruvian organic raw cacao powder, specifically the Criollo variety (the King of cacaos). To bring out the rich chocolate flavour in our vegan chocolate, we add yacon and date syrup. The combination of these three simple ingredients makes up our delicious organic cacao drinking chocolate.

How Do I Use Cacao Drinking Chocolate?

The beauty of our organic cacao drinking chocolate is that it can be used in a variety of different ways. You only have to check out our Instagram or Facebook page to see the different inventive ways our customers use our sauce. Our pouches started life as a hot chocolate sauce but you can use them in any number of delicious vegan recipes. From vegan ice cream (or as well call it Nice Cream!), homemade overnight oats to chocolate brownies and even the humble chocolate pudding! Whatever your favourite dessert is, we're sure you can make it with our sauce. If you need inspiration or want a quick and easy recipe for a healthier dessert then check out our blog page.

How Do I Store Broma’s Chocolate Sauce?

Because our chocolate sauce is kept in a pouch it means you can store it virtually anywhere, however, we recommend putting in a cool, dark palace such as a cupboard away from direct sunlight. To retain freshness, we also fitted the sauce container with a handy screw cap so you can reuse it again and again. Just be sure to keep the lid securely fastened to keep the sauce as fresh as possible and remember, once opened, be sure to use the sauce within 8 weeks.

Our Commitment To The Planet

Here at Broma Foods, we love our planet and are passionate about preserving it. We wouldn’t even be here as a business if it weren’t for the amazing natural ingredients that it provides us. This reason, among many others, is why we’re proud to be a part of the 1% For The Planet Initiative which means that 1% of every purchase goes straight to the amazing team at The Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading marine charity. 

Get In Touch

Be sure to check out our range of homemade plant-based chocolate sauce pouches. They are super versatile, contain none of the big 14 allergens, have a 2-star Great Taste award, can be used in a range of recipes and our team will deliver them straight to your door!

If you have any questions about our homemade cacao chocolate sauce or want to know more about our process and the care we put into our products then please get in touch with the team here at Broma Foods. We operate across the UK and love speaking to our customers about our organic chocolate sauce.

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